English Premier League 2023: Komplet Guide til Kampprogram, Stilling, Topscorere & Assists


Tillad:Fuldtids-, halvtids-, hjemme- og udebanedata for forskellige sæsoner.

Kampdata:Historiske kampdata for forskellige sæsoner, herunder scoringer, odds, hjørnespark, handicap, over/under, røde og gule kort og andre live kampdetaljer.

Fodboldspillerdata: Spillerrekorder, inklusive scorede mål, clean sheets og afleveringer.

OmEnglish Premier League

There are 20 clubs in the Premier League. Each club plays the others twice, namely a double round-robin, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents’. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then goal difference, and then goals scored. If still equal, teams are deemed to occupy the same position. If there is a tie for the championship, for promotion and relegation, or for qualification to other competitions, look at the head-to-head stats and away goals. If still equal, a play-off match at a neutral venue decides rank. If the winners of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are both Premier League teams and neither has qualified for the Champions League through the league, then the fourth-placed team in the Premier League instead plays in the Europa League. The last three teams in the league this season will be relegated to the Championship next season.