Japanese Football League 2023: Komplet Guide til Kampprogram, Stilling, Topscorere & Assists


Tillad:Fuldtids-, halvtids-, hjemme- og udebanedata for forskellige sæsoner.

Kampdata:Historiske kampdata for forskellige sæsoner, herunder scoringer, odds, hjørnespark, handicap, over/under, røde og gule kort og andre live kampdetaljer.

Fodboldspillerdata: Spillerrekorder, inklusive scorede mål, clean sheets og afleveringer.

OmJapanese Football League

The Japan Football League also known as simply the JFL is the 4th tier of the Japanese association football league system, positioned beneath three divisions of the J.League, and the top tier of amateur football in the country. Despite its officially amateur status the league features fully professional teams that hold J.League associate membership among its ranks. JFL clubs may be affiliated to companies, or be entirely autonomous clubs or reserve teams of these. Until 2010, university clubs (which as a rule do not play in the Japanese football league system) were recommended by the Japan University Football Association and played off against bottom JFL teams for entrance. B-teams are allowed to participate but only A-squads of truly autonomous clubs are eligible for J. League Associate Membership, and with it, promotion to J.League.